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Laser lipolysis, commonly known as ‘laser lipo’, is a non-invasive liposculpture procedure for the removal of stubborn pockets of fat such as saddlebags, love handles and double chins.
20-30 minute treatment, can be repeated up 3 times a week.

Laser lipo emits low level of laser energy, which creates a chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglcerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them through channels in the cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported around the body to the tissues that will then use them in metabolism to create energy. This process of fatty acid release is a natural response of the body when the body needs to use stored energy reserves, thus laser lipo is not creating an unnatural reaction in the body nor does it affect of damage surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. A period of exercise post treatment will ensure the complete metabolism and thus eliminating the released fatty acids from the body.

For best results clients need to exercise , this can a jog or brisk walk for 30 minutes or use our exercise bike and vibration plate that we have in the clinic. Active exercise must be done within 12 hours of treatment. We cannot stress enough, how important this is for the success of this treatment.

For the treatment we use laser pads placed on the skin and held in place or round the area by a light strap. Nothing is felt while the treatment is in place.

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