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Lipofreeze PRO is a smart pairing of two powerful fat reduction treatments. Lipofreeze and Lipo Cavitation are both proven to emulsify and eliminate fat cells non-surgically.

When we combine these two treatments, the overall effect is enhanced and accelerated results compaired with those achieved with just one or the other. This clever combination of fat reduction treatments delivers instant inch loss with ongoing results in the weeks that follow. Lipofreeze PRO is the ultimate non-surgical fat reduction solution for clients wanting to get rid of stubborn fat buldges.

A typical treatment session involved treating the target area with Lipofreeze for 40-45 minutes. When the Lipofreeze session as ended, your therapist applies ultrasound gel to the area of treatment with a wooden applicator. Lipo Cavitation is performed on the area of treatment for approximately 30 minutes. The effect that the Lipo Cavitation has on the frozen fat cells is to emulsify them. This makes it easier for the body to break them down resulting in enhanced body contour.

After a single session of Lipofreeze PRO, it’s possible to lose up to 3 inches immediately after treatment. Due to the way in which Lipofreeze PRO works, you can then expect further inch loss in the weeks that follow. Lipofreeze PRO is by far, our most effective treatment for reducing unwanted flab in specific areas. Lipo cavitation also helps to reduce cellulite leaving the skin looking firmer and toned.

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